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Growing together in Christ to serve Him

A sneak peek at membership here at EBC

The phrase "membership of a local church" may not be specifically stated in the Bible but the concept of being a committed part of a local body of believers is seen throughout the New Testament. 

In membership we make a commitment, publicly and personally. to the local church and its people. We commit to the Purpose and Mission through our lives, our finances, and our God-given gifts. We commit to supporting our church family and church leadership through prayer and faithfulness. 

As members we submit ourselves to the leaders of this local body where we experience accountability in our walk with Jesus. We are known and pursued as we strive to live like Jesus together. 

We join to be all in, with hearts to give rather than just receive, growing together in community, deepening our faith through God's word, confessing our sins with one another, and launching out to do ministry in our community and beyond. 

To become a member at EBC, a person must have:

  • personally received Jesus Christ as their Savior
  • been baptized as a believer
  • completed the membership and discovery class
  • accepted the Statement of Faith (Principles of Doctrine in EBC constitution)

If you have any questions about membership at EBC, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone, email, or by stopping by the office. 

Membership Application