Evangelical Bible Church

Dallas, Oregon

Sunday School

December 19
February 27

"A Case for Faith" Study

Exploring the concept of faith

Marriage and Family Class

Facilitated by Scott and Julie Brewen

NOTE: The study book expounds on Lee Strobel's book, "A Case for Faith"

January 9
December 25

Harmony of the Gospels

Sunday School Class

Facilitated by Dave Morris.

January 9
December 25

Emmaus Sunday School Class

Ezra and Zechariah Study

Facilitated by Rich Saum

Meet in the Youth Group area classroom

January 9
December 25

Sunday School

"Bible and Life" series by David C. Cook. 

Facilitated by Rodney Stent

June 27
December 12

Sunday School

Marriage and Family

Share prayer, discussion, and life. 

"So the Next Generation Will Know" by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace.

Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World