Evangelical Bible Church

Dallas, Oregon

Pastor Andrew Wheeler

Youth Pastor


I grew up in the church with my dad as a pastor, so I have always loved it, though I never saw myself working in one. However, God brought me through many circumstances and gifted me for ministry.

This is my first full-time ministry job, and I am very excited to see what God will do. I have earned my bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies emphasizing Biblical Languages and will receive my master’s of Divinity in the spring of 2022. I love being outdoors going hiking or camping, as well as spending time playing games with friends.

I am married to my lovely wife Mariah and we have an adorable son, Ezra, and a cute golden retriever, Renley. Mariah and I got married in the spring of 2019 and have had the pleasure of going on lots of adventures and serving in ministry together. Mariah is my biggest supporter and I am so lucky God orchestrated our marriage.