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Help Romania help Ukraine

Donate to support their relief work

Food Relief Efforts

Romanian Christians are facilitating organizing and purchasing food and supplies to deliver into Ukraine to pastors who distribute it to civilians and soldiers in need. To donate to this project, see instructions below.

Ukraine Refugee Relief

Chris and Mihaela Guess, missionaries in Romania with the Association of Baptist for World Evangelism (ABWE), are directing specific Ukraine relief work in Bucharesti, Romania. To donate to these projects, see instructions below.

Donation Instructions For Both Efforts

Donating to food and supply deliveries

Online giving:

Donate Here

Money check giving:

The Cross Foundation, P.O. Box 400, Dallas, OR 97338

NOTE: For checks, please include in the memo "For Ukraine Relief Project"

Donating to refugee work for Ukrainians coming in to Romania

Online giving:

Donate Here

Money check giving:

ABWE Donor Services, P.O. Box 858, Harrisburg, PA  17105-8585

NOTE: For checks, please write in the memo "For Chris Guess Ukraine mission work account #3166854

Additional Information

For additional information, contact EBC's Missions Committee or call Sylvia Thomas at 503-910-4565.

NOTE: Giving to these projects is tax-deductible. No administrative fees are taken out for either project.

Food relief updates

Please continue to donate to the Ukraine relief mission work.

UPDATE: Another food van group is going into Ukraine to help Ukrainians. Electricity is limited so they are attempting to locate generators from various countries.

Ukraine food relief efforts

July update

By Sylvia Thomas

Ukraine Relief Update

May 2022

Ukraine Relief Vehicle Fuel Support

Romanian churches taking initiative

Ukraine Food Relief Efforts

April 29 Update

Food for Civilians & Soldiers

Ukraine Food Delivery

March 19

The second convoy of four vans delivered over 8,000 pounds of food and supplies on March 19. Some of these went directly to the city of Odessa, which has been under attack.

Ukraine refugee help

Chris and Mihaela Guess

Ukraine Relief Efforts

March 18, 2022