Evangelical Bible Church

Dallas, Oregon

April Missionary of the Month

Brenda Friesen Serving in Orlando Florida with Campus Crusade

Read an update from her:


Living with Covid–19 for a year has been quite the experience.  It has changed the way we do  everyday life. The exciting thing is that ministry did not slow down. We just found other ways of communicating with our Missionary Kids  

(MKs) around the world. Imagine if this had happened  before we could Zoom® or do  Facetime® online! I am sure the  enemy thought he could slow us down, but I must tell you Cru® has  seen more people responding to  the gospel this past year. This has  proven true in many of

our closed  countries where our Cru® onine  ministries have seen many finding  our evangelistic websites.  


Here is a story I read from an email  I received from one of Cru’s online  ministries: 

A woman in a middle eastern  country dreamt about Jesus  on the cross night after night. She did not personally  know any Christians who could answer her questions  about Him. And she knew her  husband would be upset about  her interest. But the dream  was so vivid, so

moving, that  she could not get it out of her  mind.  Finally, she took a leap of faith.  Risking it all, she decided to  reach out to Cru’s® closed  nation missionaries. I’m sure  you can imagine that first contact—Turning the lights  off, shuttering the windows  and closing the drapes  

... Locking the doors and  tiptoeing through the house  to ensure the coast was clear  …. Then, heart pounding and  palms sweating, picking up  the phone to finally talk to a  

real-life Christian about Jesus  for the very first time! After years of only knowing a  religion of harsh judgement,  she was thrilled to hear the  gospel and to give her life to  Jesus! In the words of her Cru  discipler: 

Now, her children have come  to know Jesus! Her prayer each day is for her husband to  come and know Christ. We are  in touch with her and continue  praying with her.” 

MK2MK has been busy hosting  virtual Bible studies, one on one  discipleships, game nights, and  trainings. We have started Facebook  groups with parents of MKs, adult  MKs, College, and High School  MKs.  

A teammate and I are in charge of  the Parents Facebook® page. We post resources on issues that relate to the  parenting of an MK or TCKs which  stands for Third Culture Kids. If you  know any parents of MKs or MKs in  

all the categories, I mentioned please  let me know and I can invite them  to one of the groups. 

Once a month, I and some of  our team have been meeting with  elementary aged MKs, and twice  a month another part of our team  meets with the middle school and  high school age MKs. We are now  able to meet in person since Florida  has opened to group gatherings, as  long

as we comply with the criteria  of meeting safely. The group I  minister with is partnering with  a Wycliffe missionary who works  with their MKs, so we’ve been able  to meet at their headquarters in  Orlando.  

It has been so great being able to  meet them in person and the kids  have been so excited to be with each  other. These MKs are in transition  and will soon be moving to another  assignment with their families in  June. Some of them came back from  their overseas assignments because of  Covid–19.  

We, of course, are helping them  through this transition period, and  giving them the tools they need to  have a successful moving experience  wherever God leads them. We have  shared with them about Abraham  and Sarah’s not having a home to call  their own, but they were

faithful to  go wherever God led them. There  are so many wonderful stories from  the Old Testament of how God’s  people handled transition. Please do  pray for our Cru® families as they  trust God to lead them either back  overseas or to a stateside ministry. 


Last year we were not able to hold  our mission trips to South Africa.  We were hoping we could go this  summer. Unfortunately, we found  out that, because  of the new strain of Covid that has come upon the country of South  

Africa, we cannot  go. So, we have decided to invite our MKs to come  to Orlando. Yes, Orlando is a mission field too!  

We are partnering with a couple  of churches and outreaches to help  with Daily Vacation Bible Schools,  do evangelism on some college  campuses, and humanitarian work  along with daily time in the Word  and listening to talks by our Interns  on MK related topics.  

In May we will be holding our  Internship for our College MKs as we train them to lead our two back to back mission trips. Please pray that our MKs will be safe from 

catching the virus. We’ve had to  come up with plans on how we will  do quarantine if that happens. Our  number of MKs that we will accept  will be smaller because of this.  

We need your prayers as we wisely  plan for safe opportunities to do  ministry. Of course, we would love  for the Lord to bring an end to this  virus. This would be a wonderful  answer to our prayers. Pray  

for the MKs as they raise their support trusting that God will provide all they need. If any of you would like to give towards an MKs  trip let me know and I’ll let you know how you can give. 


I will soon reach 50 years of service  with Cru® in September, 2022.  Please be praying for me as I  contemplate retiring from full-time  ministry with Cru to possibly being  a part-time volunteer.  

My team says they don’t want me to  leave, so as long as I am able, I’d love  to continue serving along side them,  but only part time. I will keep you  all informed.  

Busy, but Rewarding Times So, you can tell we have had a  very busy year! I’m so grateful for  each one of you who have faithfully  prayed and given of your resources  to make it possible for me to be a  part of what God is doing among  our MKs.