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Righteousness of Abraham

Righteousness is not a matter of actions, conforming to a given set of absolute legal standards as the Pharisees taught, but of behavior which is in keeping with the two-way relationship between God and man.  Thus the righteousness of God appears in his God-like dealings with his people, i.e. in redemption and salvation. Read the account of Abraham in Genesis.  Abraham was loyal to God in the midst of competing...
Sermon series: A King's story

Facing Impossible Situations, Part II

We are learning from Elisha as he faces impossible situations.  Then, as now, going through difficult times is an indication that only God can meet your needs.  Today we learn what tools are available to help, what should we do? – Relate it to God, bring it to God in prayer. Acknowledge that god is in control.  We are not praying to change the situation, but to surrender it to...