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Sermon series: A King's story

Our Mandate for Evangelism

We are all called to be missionaries, to share the gospel.  Last week we began learning of the lepers that went to the Syrian camp and found vast amounts of riches, garments, and food.  The couldn’t believe what they had found, yet their statement was ” we do not do well if we remain silent.”  They had good news to share with people who were in the middle of a...
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Youth Pastor Candidate & Missions

Ben Bedlion was here to candidate for the Youth Pastor position.  Ben and Leanne currently live in Portland.  Ben shared the three things he is most passionate about, the Gospel, Discipleship and the Church. We need to know the Gospel, to understand it, to speak it.  If someone asked you today could you tell what the Gospel is?  The Bible begins with God, he is the creator of all, and...
Sermon series: A King's story

A Man Like Us

We will continue our study of the Kings of Israel, starting with King Ahab in I Kings 16. Let’s first take a look at Elijah. The Bible says he was a man with a nature like ours.  Elijah did some very incredible things in his life, but he was a simple man with human needs and human emotions. He lived in a time of very wicked Kings, the present one,...
Sermon series: A King's story

A Question to Answer, Part 1

What will your family think of when your gone, what will they remember about you?  What will they carry in their hearts about you, what have they learned from you? Not the position you had, not the special vacation you took, and not what you achieved or how successful you were. Bottom line is, did you walk with God and did they see you, did they know it?