on Compromise

Sermon series: A King's story

The Grandmother Who Yelled Treason

God had told Israel that he would provide for them, protect them, and bless them as long as they obeyed him. Israel decided they wanted a King just like all the other nations.  God allowed it, but then the people did not obey him!  They became idol worshipers. We don’t naturally drift toward holiness, we drift toward compromise and call it tolerance. Everyone loves going to grandma’s house, not this...
Sermon series: A King's story

The Power of Influence

It’s amazing how we play with words.  Have you heard the redefinition for bill collectors?  They are now called credit analysts.  How about tour guides, now referred to as destination advisers. Some things cannot be changed or redefined.  Life is life, death is death and God’s Word is eternal.  You cannot redefine God’s Word, those that try will reap the consequences. Home’s that try to redefine God’s Word influence their...