on Christmas

Good News of a Great Joy, Part 2

At Christmas we think about all sorts of things, family coming together, what gifts to buy, the big meal you are going to prepare, even the pageantry of Christmas.  The focus of the Christmas is the Lord Jesus. All through scripture it talks of the birth of Jesus, of him being born of a woman.  Scripture focuses on the fact that Jesus came into this world by the way of...

Good News of a Great Joy

Scripture says that when the fullness of time had come – God sent his son to be born of a woman.  God overshadowed Mary, she was the favored one. In Luke it begins when suddenly appeared a heavenly light, the radiance of the Lord’s glory surrounded them.  It has transformed lives ever since.  We have good news, good news of a great joy. God announces to us a personal message. ...
Sermon series: 2016 Christmas series

So What’s New

Do you ever run into someone that you haven’t seen for awhile and they ask you “so what’s new?”  In 2 Corinthians 5 Paul tells us that everything about us is new if we know Christ as our personal Savior.  Are you new in Christ? If you know Him then everything about you is new. We have a new perspective, we want to please and serve the Lord.  We see...
Sermon series: 2016 Christmas series

God’s Indescribable Gift

A wonderful gift was given to the world in the coming of Jesus Christ. This gift is beyond description.  How do we understand and explain what he has done for us?  How do we explain who he is?  Explain that he is part of the Trinity, one of the three individuals that are actually one in essence.  How do we tell others that he is of human nature and of...
Sermon series: 2016 Christmas series

The Contrasts of Christmas

There are many contrasts that you can see in the celebration of Christmas.  We see differences in family traditions, what you eat, where you go, how you celebrate, even when you celebrate. There are also contrasts in the account of the coming of the Lord Jesus, such as “He became the son of man so that we may become the children of God.”
Sermon series: 2016 Christmas series

Do Not Be Afraid

Have you ever been afraid?  Have you ever had something grip you to the point you became extremely fearful?  Fear can become paralyzing, it can be devastating and affect your emotions, your thoughts, your actions? In the account of the incarnation it says four times “Do no be afraid.”  Mary, Zacharias, Joseph and the shepherds were all told to not be afraid.  Jesus gives us the grace to not be afraid,...