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Becoming a Disciple

The mission of the church is to make disciples.  Last week we found out that the character of a person is the foundation of what it means to become a disciple.  This week we will learn how do we become a disciple, a follower of Jesus Christ.  In Acts 16 Paul encounters a jailer while imprisoned in Philippi.  An earthquake loosen the chains of the prisoners and the jailer feared...


Jesus called us to go into the world and make disciples.  This is the mission of the church.  Lets begin to look at what is the character of a disciple?  Genesis 39 tells us the account of Joseph, a good example of a follower of Jesus Christ. The first character trait we will learn is the foundation of a disciple, have a love for God.  Joseph knew without a doubt,...
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A Prayer for America

Our founding fathers had an appreciative reverence for who God is and the principles they wanted to lay down to govern our country. Psalm 80 is a prayer for restoration and we can make an application of this prayer to America today. When it comes to ethics and morality in our world today – we need to turn back to God.
Sermon series: A King's story

The Power of Influence

It’s amazing how we play with words.  Have you heard the redefinition for bill collectors?  They are now called credit analysts.  How about tour guides, now referred to as destination advisers. Some things cannot be changed or redefined.  Life is life, death is death and God’s Word is eternal.  You cannot redefine God’s Word, those that try will reap the consequences. Home’s that try to redefine God’s Word influence their...
Sermon series: A King's story

The End of Ahab’s Life

All his life Ahab had played loose with his attitude of God’s word.  All but one prophet told him what he wanted to hear. In chapter 22 of I Kings we learn from three men as Ahab faces the end of his life. From Ahab himself we learn that it is perilous to reject the word of God and His direction for our lives.  The prophet Micaiah (the one prophet...
Sermon series: A King's story

David’s Parting Ways, Part 2

If you could impart principles for your family to understand, something you found to be true that guided you through your life, what would you tell them? David had wanted to build a temple for the Lord but was told no, yet he was able to keep a good attitude. Our character is tested when we have a plan and God says no. David did not become bitter, he simply...