on Change

Sermon series: A King's story

God Always Keeps His Word

It’s amazing how words change in their meaning.  A slang term used in the 1940’s means something entirely different today.  For instance, a “deadbeat” was someone who bought things on credit, or a waitress was called a “biscuit shooter.” But God does not change.  Malachi 3 states “for I am the Lord, I do not change.” Isaiah tells us that the the word of God will stand forever.  What God...

Sing to the Lord a New Song

It is God’s word that teaches us.  We need to apply to our lives what he reveals to us. Change happens all around us.  Some changes are for the good, like the change that came over us when we believed and put our faith in Jesus.  We changed in a big way then, the old is gone and we became new creatures in Christ.  Some changes, however, can be very...