by Ben Bedlion

What Defines EBC?

Is there that “one thing” you are known for?  If you say you like zebra stripes do you all of a sudden begin receiving items that are zebra stripped? Or you are identified as the person who likes zebra stripes? What defines you, or what are you known for?  An even broader question is what defines EBC?  How do you want it defined?  What does the community say about it,...
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Youth Pastor Candidate & Missions

Ben Bedlion was here to candidate for the Youth Pastor position.  Ben and Leanne currently live in Portland.  Ben shared the three things he is most passionate about, the Gospel, Discipleship and the Church. We need to know the Gospel, to understand it, to speak it.  If someone asked you today could you tell what the Gospel is?  The Bible begins with God, he is the creator of all, and...