A King's Story

We are going to continue our study of Kings and Chronicles. These chapters are not our usual areas of devotion, but God uses the Old Testament as an example for us. He has recorded the actions, attitudes, decisions and the disobedience of this time to teach us the results of and the reasons for their disobedience, and we are to learn from them.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 reminds us that “scripture is given to us by the inspiration of God and it is profitable for doctrine or teaching, for reproof or correction, and for training in righteousness so that the man of God might be equipped for good works and ministry.”

Sermon series: A King's story

A Kingdom Has Fallen

We are looking at the demise of the Northern Kingdom.  From the earliest recording we know that there are those that scoffed at God and His promises.  As Christians we often wonder “why doesn’t God do something?”  He is, but by his time not ours. In 2 Peter verse 8 we know that Gods relationship to time is different than ours, a day is like a thousand years, and a...
Sermon series: A King's story

The Grandmother Who Yelled Treason

God had told Israel that he would provide for them, protect them, and bless them as long as they obeyed him. Israel decided they wanted a King just like all the other nations.  God allowed it, but then the people did not obey him!  They became idol worshipers. We don’t naturally drift toward holiness, we drift toward compromise and call it tolerance. Everyone loves going to grandma’s house, not this...
Sermon series: A King's story

God Always Keeps His Word

It’s amazing how words change in their meaning.  A slang term used in the 1940’s means something entirely different today.  For instance, a “deadbeat” was someone who bought things on credit, or a waitress was called a “biscuit shooter.” But God does not change.  Malachi 3 states “for I am the Lord, I do not change.” Isaiah tells us that the the word of God will stand forever.  What God...
Sermon series: A King's story

Our Mandate for Evangelism

We are all called to be missionaries, to share the gospel.  Last week we began learning of the lepers that went to the Syrian camp and found vast amounts of riches, garments, and food.  The couldn’t believe what they had found, yet their statement was ” we do not do well if we remain silent.”  They had good news to share with people who were in the middle of a...
Sermon series: A King's story

A Change In Times

Often at the end of year a “Person of the Year” is nominated.  It is usually a celebrity, or perhaps an athlete.  But there is a difference between a person of the year and  a person of significance like the profit of God, Elisha.  It is not those who live for today, but those who live for eternity that are significant to God. The peril of the people at this...
Sermon series: A King's story

The Peril of Greed

Greed has a lot of companions, envy, covet, and more.  Greed can show up in many areas, the attention we seek , popularity, authority, possessions, friends, and so many others. Godliness is great gain if it is with contentment, but real contentment is not related to circumstances.  We brought nothing into this world with us and we will take nothing with us when we leave.  With food and covering we...
Sermon series: A King's story

You Want Me To Do What?

Words invoke responses, words like vacation, chocolate, or death, and cancer.  They each bring to or thoughts and emotions a tremendous response.  In 2 Kings we learn that Naaman has leprosy, it’s incurable.  He was appalled that he could not fix it on his own.  It took the little slave girl to tell him to go the prophet Elisha to be cured.  Naaman took with him many riches, thinking he...
Sermon series: A King's story

Compassion at Work

Children speak out of purity, they are candidly honest, their lives have not been cluttered by a lot of stuff, they speak without bias.  Scripture tells us that God used young people, children, in a lot of unique circumstances. In 2Kings 5 we learn about Naaman, a respected army captain, and a very young Jewish girl that had been taken captive and was working in Naaman’s household. Naaman was very...
Sermon series: A King's story

Facing Impossible Situations, Part II

We are learning from Elisha as he faces impossible situations.  Then, as now, going through difficult times is an indication that only God can meet your needs.  Today we learn what tools are available to help, what should we do? – Relate it to God, bring it to God in prayer. Acknowledge that god is in control.  We are not praying to change the situation, but to surrender it to...
Sermon series: A King's story

Facing Impossible Situations

Have you ever said to yourself, “I just don’t know how I am going to get through this?” – or – “I just don’t know what to do anymore.” We think some situations are just impossible, but Jesus said that what is impossible with man is possible with God. Impossible means “without power.”  We lack what we need to carry us through difficult situations.  Humanly speaking we can’t change things,...