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Sermon series: A King's story

A Difficult Argument

It didn’t take long for Solomon’s wisdom to be put to the test, he had asked God for wisdom, and his heart was right toward God. Now he had to settle a very difficult argument between 2 mothers. Will he have the wisdom that he needs to settle this argument? Who do we look to for wisdom?
Sermon series: A King's story

David’s Parting Ways, Part 2

If you could impart principles for your family to understand, something you found to be true that guided you through your life, what would you tell them? David had wanted to build a temple for the Lord but was told no, yet he was able to keep a good attitude. Our character is tested when we have a plan and God says no. David did not become bitter, he simply...
Sermon series: A King's story

David’s Parting Ways, Part 1

Based on your experiences in life, what would you like to tell your children that would give them an understanding of what is important in life. King David is reaching the end of his life and tells his son Solomon to “be strong and show yourself a man.” Do not waste your life, have courage and wisdom, and know the God of your father and serve him.
Sermon series: A King's story

King Me

In 1 Corinthians it tells us that God has preserved the history of the people of the Old Testament for a reason, they are an example to us. They teach us and remind us of their failures and the results of their disobedience so that we can learn from them. The study of the Old Testament equips us to get ready to walk our own road of life.