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Sermon series: A King's story

God Honors Obedience

We learn today that Elijah did not call Elisha to follow in his footsteps, God did.  No one chooses their own calling, we serve where we are called by God.  He calls, we respond, it’s where God wants us.  God fashions the work that we are supposed to do, responding is to God’s glory.  God has a plan to accomplish His purpose in each of us and He wants to...
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Missionaries Ian & Linda McFarland

Ian shared two very good reasons for sharing today.  One, to give God all the glory! Secondly to encourage mission work in others.  We all go through feelings of being inadequate, but that is what helps us to rely on God. Open your hearts for what God has in mind for you. They gave a review of their life as missionaries and the many changes they have gone through over...
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A Prayer for America

Our founding fathers had an appreciative reverence for who God is and the principles they wanted to lay down to govern our country. Psalm 80 is a prayer for restoration and we can make an application of this prayer to America today. When it comes to ethics and morality in our world today – we need to turn back to God.
Sermon series: A King's story

Lessons From Elijah

We live our Christian lives by obedience, by faith, not by sight or emotions.  We have learned two broad lessons from our study on Elijah. First, that faith is a willingness to obey God even when circumstances seem impossible.  Faith responds in obedience.  Secondly, Faith is a willingness to follow God even when it seem unproductive.  We don’t always know what God is doing “behind the scenes.”  God rewards, or...
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A Time to Remember

There are three great memorials in scripture.  The first one is the Sabbath, scriptures tells us to remember the Sabbath, it was a day of rest after creation. The second one is Passover, we are to remember how God delivered the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt. The third one is Communion.  We gather around the communion table to remember what Christ has done for us.

Sing to the Lord a New Song

It is God’s word that teaches us.  We need to apply to our lives what he reveals to us. Change happens all around us.  Some changes are for the good, like the change that came over us when we believed and put our faith in Jesus.  We changed in a big way then, the old is gone and we became new creatures in Christ.  Some changes, however, can be very...
Sermon series: A King's story

No Turning Back

Elijah began the ministry.  Now Elisha will complete it and God calls him in a very unusual way.  God often uses unusual circumstances to call to ministry, look at Moses and the burning bush, or Joseph being sold into slavery, and look how he changed Paul and got him to where he needed to be. We are all called to service, sometimes alone, perhaps in pairs or groups.  However he...

A Woman Who Prayed

You don’t have to be a mother, or even married, in order for God to be able to use you in a very powerful way. However, motherhood is one of the those vocations that God uniquely designed women to fulfill.  Hannah understood that very well and desired to become a mother. In 1 Samuel 1 we learn three important points about Hannah. First, she and her husband had a loving...
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Missionaries Doug & LeAnne Clark

In Romans 13:11-14 God calls us to awaken from sleep and to put on the armor of light.  We need spiritual alertness, and it is a call to all people.  We are all spiritual leaders to someone, a neighbor, a co-worker, a family member, and we have opportunities to impact their lives. We need to be spiritually alert to what God wants us to do, to share.  Remember that actions speak...