on Philippians

What Defines EBC?

Is there that “one thing” you are known for?  If you say you like zebra stripes do you all of a sudden begin receiving items that are zebra stripped? Or you are identified as the person who likes zebra stripes? What defines you, or what are you known for?  An even broader question is what defines EBC?  How do you want it defined?  What does the community say about it,...
Sermon series: A King's story

Lessons From Elijah

We live our Christian lives by obedience, by faith, not by sight or emotions.  We have learned two broad lessons from our study on Elijah. First, that faith is a willingness to obey God even when circumstances seem impossible.  Faith responds in obedience.  Secondly, Faith is a willingness to follow God even when it seem unproductive.  We don’t always know what God is doing “behind the scenes.”  God rewards, or...