What Defines EBC?

What Defines EBC?

Is there that “one thing” you are known for?  If you say you like zebra stripes do you all of a sudden begin receiving items that are zebra stripped? Or you are identified as the person who likes zebra stripes?

What defines you, or what are you known for?  An even broader question is what defines EBC?  How do you want it defined?  What does the community say about it, good things, not so good things?

Philippians is letter written to the church of Philippi, the same church that Paul was sent from as a missionary.  This church has supported him and he felt such love for them, and he prayed for them.  He let them know of his imprisonment, and that it was making him bolder, and that he would either die for Christ or be delivered from his bondage.

Focus needs to be why we exist, why we are a church.  Paul urged the people of Philippi to be united.  He these people well, that they were a church that loved Jesus, a church that shared the gospel.  He wrote to encourage them to have unity by having humility.

Pride, the opposite of humility places the focus on ourselves.  CS Lewis wrote that humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.  Pride can divide, humility is unity.

Paul told the church at Philippi that he may never return but that the focus is not on him and his situation – the focus is to seek unity.

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