We Need to Have a Plan

We Need to Have a Plan

When it comes to Missions do you ever ask yourself “what difference can I make?”  Sharing the gospel with others is the greatest most joyful task we can accomplish in Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 53 tells us of the suffering servant.  He was despised and dejected, pierced for our transgressions, bruised and crushed he poured his life out for our iniquities.

Isaiah 55 tells us that Christ was won salvation and made it know to everyone!  He says come to all who are thirsty and hungry, he is the living water and the bread of life.  Come and I will make an everlasting covenant with you.

Isaiah 54 is right in between these two chapters, it is the prophecy of Isaiah, a challenge right in the middle of the suffering servant and the call to come to salvation.  Here is where we find God’s plan to bring his people back so that his message can go out to the whole world.

God tells us to have a plan, to sing for joy and to enlarge our tent.  To make plans for expansion even when it seems futile, even if it seems it won’t make a difference at all.  We need to be part of the planting & expansion of the church or we will never be part of the rejoicing.

Make plans to do more than you ever have before.  It’s not enough just to do something – do more!  Plan to pray.  Ask God to expand the ministry of all Missionaries.  Pray for others to be called.  Keep praying, keep going, be bold in sharing the gospel.  Burst out in rejoicing!

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