Righteousness of Abraham

Righteousness of Abraham

Righteousness is not a matter of actions, conforming to a given set of absolute legal standards as the Pharisees taught, but of behavior which is in keeping with the two-way relationship between God and man.  Thus the righteousness of God appears in his God-like dealings with his people, i.e. in redemption and salvation.

Read the account of Abraham in Genesis.  Abraham was loyal to God in the midst of competing gods like Ba’al, Chemosh or Molech.  He had faithful believing trust in the LORD and took him at his word even when it made no sense according to his understanding.  Abraham ordered his life according to the promise of the LORD.

Abraham trusted the Lord. Trust is a key dimension in righteousness.  Righteousness, justice and obedience, not in following external rules but from the heart in khesed relationship.


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