Our Mandate for Evangelism

Our Mandate for Evangelism

We are all called to be missionaries, to share the gospel.  Last week we began learning of the lepers that went to the Syrian camp and found vast amounts of riches, garments, and food.  The couldn’t believe what they had found, yet their statement was ” we do not do well if we remain silent.”  They had good news to share with people who were in the middle of a famine.

If you have good news, don’t you want to share it?  The Gospel is good news!  When we get to heaven we will still be praising God, having fellowship with one another, and sharing God’s promises.  But right now is the only time we have to share with others, the gospel, the good news!

Days are full of evil, share the good news.  There is a time coming when we no longer can.  Do it now!  Today!  Don’t wait any longer!

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