The Grandmother Who Yelled Treason

The Grandmother Who Yelled Treason

God had told Israel that he would provide for them, protect them, and bless them as long as they obeyed him.

Israel decided they wanted a King just like all the other nations.  God allowed it, but then the people did not obey him!  They became idol worshipers.

We don’t naturally drift toward holiness, we drift toward compromise and call it tolerance.

Everyone loves going to grandma’s house, not this grandma.  Athaliah was the daughter of Ahab, who had an ungodly influence on the Northern Kingdom.  She was also the wife of the King of the southern Kingdom.   The bad influence of the north had now entered the south.

When the King of Judah died she wanted to be on the throne.  She had a wicked plan to make that happen, and she did in fact reign for six years over Judah.

One of Athaliah’s heirs did survive, unbeknownst to her.  God preserved the boy’s life, he was the only remaining heir to the throne of David, and David’s line needed to be retained.  God had promised David.

Satan constantly tries to see that that promise is not fulfilled.  Satan’s days are numbered and he knows it, and he knows the only way he can succeed is to lead us into compromise.


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