Good News of a Great Joy

Good News of a Great Joy

Scripture says that when the fullness of time had come – God sent his son to be born of a woman.  God overshadowed Mary, she was the favored one.

In Luke it begins when suddenly appeared a heavenly light, the radiance of the Lord’s glory surrounded them.  It has transformed lives ever since.  We have good news, good news of a great joy.

God announces to us a personal message.  God loves us and wants us to share that good news, it is for all people.  It is a message of great joy.

God also gives an explanation for the message.  His son came to be the Savior of the world.  He is the one to save us from the guilt and power of sin.  We need to be delivered from something that we can not save ourselves from.  Remember Christmas begins what Easter celebrates!

The love of God is manifested by sending his son so that we may live, all because he loves us. Genesis says that God created man in him image to enjoy a relationship with them.  We didn’t do well and then he sent his son to redeem us. Love is the essence of God, it is his character.

His love is searching mankind. Christmas is a time of rejoicing because God is searching for us!  God loves us!  Reach out to him today – rest in his love!


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