Good News of a Great Joy, Part 2

Good News of a Great Joy, Part 2

At Christmas we think about all sorts of things, family coming together, what gifts to buy, the big meal you are going to prepare, even the pageantry of Christmas.  The focus of the Christmas is the Lord Jesus.

All through scripture it talks of the birth of Jesus, of him being born of a woman.  Scripture focuses on the fact that Jesus came into this world by the way of a birth, of a woman.   There is great joy in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Because Jesus had a human birth, by placing our faith and belief in him, we can have a spiritual birth – that is great joy!

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Jesus taught his disciples the responsibility to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  He taught them the reason for the Passover and the communion table.  He wanted them to understand that the Passover meal was to remind them of the bondage they had been delivered from, and that the communion table was to acknowledge the debt Jesus paid for our sins. God loves us too much to…
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