The Centrality of the Bible, Part 2

The Centrality of the Bible, Part 2

You’ve heard the saying “if it seems to good to be true, it probably is to good to be true.”  Many people say that the Bible is to good to be true – we know that’s not the case, we know God’s word is true!

In last weeks message from 2 Timothy we learned the first implication, which is that the Bible is the spoken word of God and is profitable.  It is to be used for worldview formation, mid course adjustment and personal transformation.

Today we are looking at the second implication, found in Psalm 119:14-16, that the Bible is to be treasured and applied (followed).  The Bible should be central to our lives.   Verse 14 tells us to rejoice in God’s word.  Do you enjoy  God’s word?  What do you enjoy?  What you enjoy doing you will do well. Everything that you now enjoy doing you had to learn to enjoy it.  We weren’t born enjoying cooking, or sports.

How much time do you spend on God’s word?  Verse 15 says that “I will meditate on Your word and regard Your ways.”  Or have you fallen into a trap of  spending your time elsewhere?

Verse 15 says that I shall not forget Your word.  If you want to near to God, be near to his word, and learn to enjoy it!


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