A Change In Times

A Change In Times

Often at the end of year a “Person of the Year” is nominated.  It is usually a celebrity, or perhaps an athlete.  But there is a difference between a person of the year and  a person of significance like the profit of God, Elisha.  It is not those who live for today, but those who live for eternity that are significant to God.

The peril of the people at this time was because of their disobedience.  God told them “obey my law and I will bless you.  If you don’t obey you’ll get no blessing and judgement will come.”

During this trying time, the people  found themselves in a terrible famine.  They blamed Elisha and plotted to get rid of him.

Lepers living outside of the city were also desperate and searched for food elsewhere.  They came upon a camp that had been deserted, full of beautiful clothing, gold and silver, and plenty of food.   They stated that “we are not doing right,”  they new people nearby were dying and it required conduct based on a standard.  They elected to tell the people of the city about their find, stating that good news needs to be shared.

Gods word is our good news – and it needs to be shared!

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