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Join us in Bible Study and Fellowship

All Bible Study classes resume or begin September 7, 2017 and will meet every Thursday.

Women’s Ministry group meets at 9:00 am or 6:30 pm. Carrie Cruickshank will facilitate the morning group and Vicki Kibbey will facilitate the evening group.

On September 7, 2017  we will begin an 11-week study on the Fruit of the Spirit, by Beth Moore.  You can know the freedom of life filled with the fruit of the Spirit.  Join us for an in-depth study – living proof that the Spirit of God dwells in us.    Come and be challenged to develop and grow by maintaining an intimate relationship with the Spirit of God.


Moses led the children of Israel for 40 years…come follow them for 20 weeks and learn with them about God and His character.  Our journey begins September 7th with a 2 hour file, and ends February 15th.

There is a new study possibility called Precepts Lite. It allows you to do some of the regular work, using a different student book. It is usually only one hour of homework each week with the same program in class. This gives those with little time, but the same big interest, the chance to be part of viewing the DVD series and to participation in our discussions. Precepts meet at 9:30 am or 7:00 pm. Rosalee Stent will facilitate this study.

For more information, please contact Vicki Kibbey at 503.623.2331.

Bible studies