Adult Sunday School Classes

Growing in Christ

Adult Sunday School Classes

All Sunday school classes, adult and children, begin each Sunday at 9:30 am.  If you would like help finding a class that is just right for you, stop at the Welcome Center in the Sanctuary Foyer.

The Ambassador class, usually for those that are age 65 and older, are studying “The Sovereignty of God”  They are located in room 126, down the hall from the kitchen.  Contact for this class is Ron Quiring (503-623-9351).

The Builders class, most are ages 40-65, meet in room 124, across from the kitchen. This quarter they are also studying “The Sovereignty of God.”  Contact Rodney Stent for more information at 503-623-5782.

The Bereans meet upstairs in room 222.  The age range in this class is 30-50.  At this time they studying “A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World.”  This is a study of Paul Miller’s book on prayer.  For more information contact Scott Brewen at 503-831-5663, or Ed Dressel at 503-831-1111.

There is another elective class meeting in the basement, room 101, lead by Johnny Reimer.  This is a class of all ages.  They are currently studying “By Grace, Through Faith.”  This is an indepth study o fthe Books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians.  For more information contact Johnny Reimer at 503-623-3518.

The “Firm Foundations” class meets in the upstairs at the end of the hall in room 227.  Taught by Dave Morris, they are doing a video series “That The World May Know.”  You can contact Dave Morris at 503-623-6759.

A “Young Marrieds” group, ages 25-40, meets in the room off the balcony in the Sanctuary, room 300.  They are studying Ephesians with a video series.  Contact Glen Ensz at 503-917-1645, or Craig McCulloch at 503-623-2276.

We also have a Young Adult and College Group that meets upstairs in room 226.  They are doing a study of The New Testament.  Contact Jeff Kershner at 503-983-1671.